Everyone loves himself or herself. Even most of us consider ourselves as a right, understanding and loving people by nature. When we meet someone very personally, most often we realized that everyone is having a very nice heart towards other. Most of us never think of anybody’s harm. Still most of us never understand why we are not happy all the time. It’s because we are forget one thing that feeling of happiness happens within us, so we have to find it within us only. Of course some changes required how we act.

Here is some important tips how we can make our life better and beautiful by simply changing some habits or by changing approaches towards any situation in our regular life.


5 simple habit changes that will transform your life:-

  1. Be a good listener
  2. Prefer to give conscious response rather than compulsive reaction
  3. Try to help others
  4. Avoid Laziness
  5. Make your all relationships very simple



Listening is also a skill. We have to build to listen properly. The meaning of a good listener is someone who understands exactly what others are saying, without deriving any other meanings. Therefore, it is important to develop good listening skills. This is especially crucial for students, teachers, employers, employees and everyone else. Often, while listening, we tend to divert our attention elsewhere or make assumptions about what the other person is trying to say. A good listener never does that; they always set aside their own thoughts and attentively listen to the person in front of them. The benefit of listening carefully is that it prevents misunderstandings. Moreover, proper understanding helps in successfully completing any task within a given time frame. It not only saves our valuable time but also contributes to personal development by becoming a discerning individual.



Along with listening well, it is important to consider how you respond to someone or how you perceive a situation, as it can make your life better. Often, without thinking, we give a compulsive reaction in response to an event. This can escalate arguments with others or unknowingly inflict mental harm upon them. Sometimes, even small matters can cause significant damage to interpersonal relationships. Therefore, it is necessary to distance ourselves from impulsive reactions and move towards conscious responses. To provide a conscious response, you should develop a habit of taking a pause or giving yourself some time before replying. However, taking time alone doesn’t guarantee a conscious response; it is essential to think about the direction from which the reply will yield a positive, solution-oriented, and constructive result. If it requires some time, then it should be taken. The effectiveness of your response or handling of a situation depends on your thoughts and your way of thinking. If we can make conscious responses by thinking a little, we gradually bring constructive results even in challenging situations. And that’s how we enrich our experiences.

For example, let’s consider a scenario where an employee is not performing well, whereas they used to perform excellently before. The employer can react in two ways – firstly, by pressuring and scolding the employee to improve their performance, and secondly, by arranging a separate counselling session to identify the reasons behind the decline in performance and providing assistance to address the problem and motivate them to improve. In this example, the first solution can be referred to as a compulsive reaction, while the second solution can be considered a conscious response. Based on the situation and experience, a consciously given response can lead to better outcomes.



Different perspectives can exist when it comes to helping others, and we all help others in one way or another. However, we often think that helping only benefits the other person, but in reality, it also helps us in various ways to become better ourselves. Helping doesn’t always mean providing financial assistance; you can also help by giving your valuable time or offering moral support according to your abilities. The most important aspect is to have a mind-set of helping others. By helping others, you gain valuable insights that become supportive in making your own life better as you progress.


If we want to make our lives better and beautiful, we have to fight against laziness. It’s possible that you may be very talented and smart, yet you can still be unsuccessful in making your life better, primarily due to your laziness. For those who are lazy, every task feels burdensome, and they cannot do any work with joy. Nowadays, we spend hours and hours watching reels on our mobile phones, neglecting productive activities and failing to motivate ourselves. Laziness gradually diminishes your capabilities, especially when we are energetic and in our 30s and 40s. If we waste time due to laziness during this crucial period, we have to struggle to live the rest of our lives. Essentially, age is a combination of time and energy. Therefore, we should be wise in how we utilize our energy and time.

Laziness is directly related to both your physical and mental fitness. It is important to engage in physical activity regularly. We can develop a small habit – whenever there is an opportunity, we should take a short walk, and instead of sitting somewhere, we should prefer standing if the work can be done while standing. Small changes like these prove to be the most beneficial in the long term.

What we eat also depends on how physically active we can be. To avoid laziness, we must pay attention to what and how we eat.

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We all enjoy being happy. We are social beings, and we cannot live with happiness without our respective families. But it is also true that we often make sacrifices in our relationships and social lives to fulfil our aspirations. Whether this is right or wrong, is a matter of discussion. However, in this era where we cannot devote much time to our relationships and social lives, we all need to think about how to maintain our relationships so that we do not compromise them while pursuing our aspirations. If we want to keep our relationships and social lives simple and good, we need to consider a few things:

We must trust our family, friends, partners, colleagues and even fellow citizens. We should keep minimal expectations from others and higher expectations from ourselves. In most cases, this approach works in a positive way.

Time is necessary for any relationship and we should not take it for granted. Even if we are late in giving time, it’s okay.

In our beautiful life, we have limited time for arguments and conflicts. If there is a problem in a relationship, we should focus on finding a solution rather than continuing the argument. Sometimes, finding the solution to a problem takes time. We need to give it time and make efforts in the right direction. The solution is usually found with consistent efforts.

We need to educate ourselves so that we can understand others well and others can understand our views. We should keep in mind that we are all lifelong students in some way. We should not let ego or weakness arise in our minds due to factors like financial condition, education, beauty etc.

We should consider ourselves as a work in progress and strive for progress and improvement. Discussions about relationships never end, but the essence is to make them simple and beautiful. Being happy is a habit. Those who possess it remain content in every situation.



When you change the habit of not listening to become a good listener, when you prefer giving a conscious response instead of a compulsive reaction to any incident, and when you maintain a mind-set of helping others along with your own improvement, positive changes begin to manifest in your life, making you happier, content, and fulfilled from within. When we abandon laziness and approach every task with genuine enthusiasm, those around us feel happy and prefer to be with us. Ultimately, all these aspects contribute to improving all our relationships. And when you and those around you are genuinely happy with each other, then our life can truly be considered a good and successful one.

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